Data analyst / Machine learning engineer - JPT

Our client is a famous taxi dispatch service provider that wants to disrupt its industry by leveraging software, web tech, and machine learning.

We are looking for atalented data analyst / machine learning engineer with the following requirements.



Job Description


* Data analyst / BI analyst *


· Extracting improvement points from analysis based on data (users and vehicles)

· Design of logs for KPI analysis and establishment of collection base

· Visualization of KPI

· Reporting

· Measure the effect of events, advertisements, etc.


* Machine learning / algorithm development engineer *


Based on the following big data mainly from taxi vehicles, machine learning · data mining · advanced algorithm development

Optimal taxi dispatch plan based on supply / demand prediction, image analysis, optimal allocation algorithm development, vehicle operation diagnosis, dynamic map generation technology for automatic operation using technology


Vehicle data including position information

- Moving image from the DRAVE recorder

· CAN signal data

· Data from other sensing devices such as LiDAR



■ Eligibility

* Data analyst / BI analyst *


【Essential skills / experience】

· Experience in SQL with sufficient practical experience

· Proposal of improvement strategies and web service improvement based on data analysis

· Ability to communicate with other departments such as marketing / sales department

· Practical knowledge and understanding of statistics

· Experience building the infrastructure environment necessary for data analysis

· Basic programming skills


【Welcome skills】

· Log base construction and operation experience

· Understanding and experience of machine learning · natural language processing technology

Doesnt offer Stocks

■ Employment type Full-time employee

※ Trial period: 3 months after joining (the same conditions as this adoption)

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■ Location Kioi-cho Chiyoda Ward

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Required mind set


Those who have high communication skills and can achieve results with the team

Ability to think firmly and solve problems and problems

Those who have enthusiasm for wanting to disrupt the taxi industry.



The interview process:

- Engineer




1h each


It is important to match the mind set of the company:

- revolutionizing the taxi industry using IT and having at the end the wide spread use of autonomous driving.


The interviews are all conducted in Japanese.


There are 5 foreign engineers.


They would like excellent people in terms of technical skills, and people that can lead other people. So they are looking for a high level in terms of engineering.