Blockchain engineer - BIT

We are looking for a blockchain engineer for a Bitcoin exchange in Tokyo.


The startup is very serious about legal compliance and about building strong relationships with the banking industry.

They have quite a decent trade volume already.

They are backed by mega banks in Japan and the most well-known ventures capital firms in Japan and the world.

The culture is very mathematics, computer-science driven and very results-driven.

The job itself would consist in working on pure blockchain technology.

Stock options are offered.

The startup is aiming at an IPO.


Contents of the Job:


- As blockchain engineer, research and develop unique blockchain services



- to have knowledge in Computer Science, Algorithms, Mathematics

- to have knowledge in Bitcoin protocol and a solid understanding

- to have advanced knowledge in parallel and non synchronized programming

- to have some experience already in blockchain and decentralized consensus design

Does offer Stocks


- Top class servers and screens are provided to be able to improve the system performance

- C# top programmers are in the team.



Interview process (1~1.5month)

1) Resume review

2) Interview with a team member

3) Interview with the team leader

4) Interview(s) with the directors (CFO CTO COO)

5) Interview with the CEO