Back-end engineer (crypto-currency project) - FO - KA

We are looking for a back-end engineer for a company that develops payment processing systems that can process crypto-currency payment.


■ Job content


Development of XXX bit coin charge system (yen denominated)

Development of new product related to crypto currency


■ Desired personality

Those who can get excited by innovating in the field of crypto-currencies, blockchain and fintech

Person who can think hard by themselves and out of the box


- Python, back end application development experience using Golang

- Knowledge or huge interest in  encryption, crypto-currency / blockchain

- Techniques to design code so that tests can be written

- Skills in designing database objects for relational database

- Development experience on encryption, crypto-currency / block chain

- Infrastructure building / management experience using AWS

Doesnt offer Stocks

■ Technology stack

Language: Golang, Python

Library / framework: net / http, Django

Repository · Project Management: GitHub

CI: CircleCI

Error monitoring: Sentry

Server monitoring: NewRelic

DB: AWS RDS (PostgreSQL)

Communication: Slack, Hubot