For Employers

If you are a company based out of Japan, looking to hire international or foreign highly skilled manpower, that is doing business in a high tech industry or a highly innovative field such as but not limited to: “Blockchain”, “AI”, “IoT”, “BioTech”, “FinTech”, Web tech, “Space tech”, “New energy production technologies”, “Hemp”,

the people behind can help you in a very cost-effective fashion! gathers plenty of high class foreign and international jobseekers looking to work in Japan, across various job categories such as but not limited to: “Software engineering”, “Design”, “Sales and business”, “Marketing and PR”, “Executive”, “Recruitment and HR”, “Finance and operation”.

The system behind lets us you advertise your job openings (almost unlimited number) for free and receive applications from candidates.

You can communicate directly with candidates within the system itself, without having to use your email address.

As a company, if you are successful in hiring a new employee via, whether the employee is a full-time employee, an intern, a part-time worker, a contractor or a freelancer, you will be required to pay a commission fee to, which is typically a specific percentage of the compensation received by the employee during the contract period or during one year (annual salary).

The service will be totally free of charge for companies during the trial period that is set to between 4~6 weeks from the date of release. During that trial period, in the event that the employer finds a successful candidate, the employer will not be requested to pay any fee. This free trial period might be subject to an extension. When the trial period is about to end, we will make an official announcement via email to each employer to state clearly the pricing model via a specific employer’s terms of service, within a 2 weeks notice period in order to give enough time to companies to decide about whether or not to continue using our system.

We may suspend the accounts of employers that have not agreed to the employer’s terms of service.

If you are already interested in getting to know about the pricing model in advance or if you have any questions, please contact us by sending us an email to support @

Thank you very much.

The people behind are looking forward to working with you.