Self Introduction

  • Welcome to, your gate to find a job in Japan, in a high tech industry.
  • We match foreign talented task force with companies’ job openings that are based out of Japan.
  • We focus on highly innovative industries such as but not limited to: Blockchain, AI, IoT, Space tech, Web tech, FinTech, Biotech, New energy, Hemp...

A bit of background

Bringing foreigners to Japan is very important because:

  • foreigners are highly skilled
  • foreigners brings diversity to the company, which leads to creativity and innovation
  • there is a lack of talented workers in Japan due to the aging of the population

Our mission

Bringing highly-skilled foreign and international workers to Japanese companies:

More precisely:

  • To foster an immigration of brains to Japan
  • To help rejuvenate Japan’s economy by bringing highly skilled foreign manpower
  • To foster innovation in Japan
  • To foster diversity in Japan because diversity is good
  • To help foreign jobseekers find a job in a highly innovative field in Japan


  • Some job openings do not need any Japanese skills
  • Some companies offer work visa
  • Therefore as a jobseeker you do not need to be living already in Japan with a work visa as some companies can interview remotely

Features As a job seeker

  • You can look for jobs by job categories, by Japanese language requirement, by visa provision, by keywords, by salary range, by keyword
  • You can look for companies by industry
  • You can register your profile and upload your resume
  • You can apply for jobs
  • Once you are accepted, you can communicate directly with the company without telling your email address
  • You can receive notifications whenever you receive an acceptation or receive a message from the company

Features As an employer

  • After registration, you can create job openings, publish and unpublish them
  • You can receive applications from job seekers
  • You can manage applications by accepting or rejecting candidates
  • You can communicate directly with job applicants within the system without telling your email address
  • You can receive notifications whenever you receive applications or messages from the job applicants

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